Grab your hat, mittens, and hot chocolate and head outdoors this weekend for one of Mother Nature's prettiest holiday light displays.

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December 13 marks the night the Geminid meteor shower peaks.

According to WGRZ, this makes for a great stargazing event to include your kids in:

"As the Geminids are one of the only major meteor showers that are active during the evening. Shooting stars will start to streak across the night sky by around 9 p.m., local time, and will continue to increase in frequency through 2 a.m., local time."

The Geminids meteor shower will be fun to watch because of the amount of shooting stars you should be able to see.

Typically, more than 100 meteors per hour can be counted in the Geminids shower, but this year (because 2020 is gonna be 2020), we should see more than 150 meteors per hour in very dark areas, according to the American Meteor Society (AMS).

WGRZ reports we could see two or three meteors per minute.

"The Geminids produce a good number of meteors most years, but they're made even better this year as the shower's peak coincides with a nearly new moon, thus making for darker skies, with no moonlight to interfere with the fainter meteors," NASA explained.

Locally, the Mill Road Scenic Overlook in East Aurora is one of our favorite spots for stargazing in Western New York.

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