If you're not blessed with perfect eyebrows and have to constantly pluck, wax or use an eyebrow pencil to fill them in, the new trend of Microblading or "Eyebrow Embroidery' may be of interest to you.

Sam Taylor who works part time on air here at Buffalo's New Country, 1065 WYRK tried this new trend and did Microblading on her eyebrows.  A lot of places in Buffalo do this now, so she did her research.  It took some time for her to make the decision to have it done because keep in mind it is a permanant procedure for your eyebrows.  The process takes about two hours, with a touch up one month after. Needs to be done once a year, depending on how your skin takes to it. This is expensive to a lot of people, but for Sam it was worth and gave her great confidence after doing microblading.

The after effects are - Semi-permanent tattoo. which will need to be treated like a tattoo after the appointment. She used healing creams to keep her eyebrows from being dry, so eyebrows will appear a bit glossy for a couple weeks.  But, the result afterward is beautiful.  Check out the pictures from the Sam's microblading appointment.

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