For fans of traditional country music, here is a new song that we can appreciate. The group's name is Midland and the song is called "Drinkin' Problem."

I was painting our porch on Sunday morning and, as usual, was listening to the great Bob Kinglsey countdown the top 40 songs on country radio for the week. Because of what I do for a living and hearing the same songs every morning, most of today's songs are background music.

Then Midland's song appeared on the show. That steel guitar, those lyrics, that sound! I paused my painting for a minute to listen closely and grabbed my phone to Google the group's name.

After reading their bio information, there was no doubt that this was my kind of band and my kind of music.

If you watched the ACM Awards on Sunday night, you may walk away with a different opinion of what today's country music is. As Dale Mussen explained, "it was definitely very pop." That is to say that the traditional sound of country music was missing and many people who don't know what country music in 2017 sounds like may be surprised.

Midland's song "Drinkin' Problem" stood out to me on Bob Kingsley's show because it is so retro sounding.

Country music is so big and appeals to so many different people and cultures these days that this song proves there is room for multiple versions of what country music is.  That's why on the same countdown of 40 songs you can hear The Backstreet Boys with Florida Georgia Line and also hear songs like this new single from Midland.

Kingsley's show also featured a few other songs that added even more variety.  "I Let Her Lie" ,a Milestone song from Daryle Singletary and a Fan Favorite song ,"What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am" by Lee Roy Parnell.

I went back to painting when the song ended. But you can bet that after the work was done, I grabbed a cold beer and went to YouTube to check out the video for "Drinkin' Problem."


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