The next Miss New York pageant will take place in Buffalo in June! Liz and I spoke with the current Miss New York on Wednesday at the WYRK studio.

Gabrielle Walter is a Clarence native and is currently completely her law degree at The University at Buffalo. She stopped by to spread the news about the change of venue and location for The Miss New York Pageant.

A few things we learned about The Miss new York organization...
  • Largest women’s scholarship fund in the United States
  • Contributes millions of dollars to Children’s Miracle Network, which reach’s children’s hospitals across the U.S.
  • We are currently working with Oishei Children’s Hospital – Stone’s Buddies program, Donating a portion of the tickets sales to them.
  • There are 24 contestants, their friends and family, reaching across the state coming to Buffalo for 5 days. Which will help promote the City and the local establishments.

The pageant will be in Buffalo June 28-30th and tickets are available now.



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