Okay, it’s not technically spring just yet. That happens at the start of next week. However, we’re still in that spring time mode.

We went ahead an hour with daylight savings. The snow and ice is melted (or at least most of it). The NCAA Tournament returns to Buffalo later this week. You also have ever so gradual warming temperatures in Buffalo. We can feel it getting closer.

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One of the absolute best things about Western New York are all the summertime restaurants. The hot dog stands, ice cream places and a combination of both reopening are a sure sign that the warm weather is getting closer. It’s a great tradition for families as well.

One of the most popular is reopening this week.

Mississippi Mudds on Niagara Street in Tonawanda announced they will reopen this Thursday!

The iconic hot dog and ice cream stand sits near the Niagara River and during the summer (June-September), it offers an absolute gorgeous sight of the river.

It’s one of those places that every Buffalonian has been to. We don’t to go eat outside or have fun outdoor activities year-round, so we have to take advantage of these places when we can, which is why they’re always packed — along with having amazing food.

Other great places we can’t wait to reopen are Taffy’s and Frosty’s. Ice cream and hot dogs are a staple here in Western New York!

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