We’ve had it pretty easy this winter here in Western New York. And don’t take this the wrong way, but -  hallelujah!

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We know that there’s a time and a place for enjoying winter activities in the Buffalo area, but we can’t lie and say that we’re not excited that spring-like weather is arriving early this year. Warm temperatures and sunny skies are a sure sign that summer is on the way, and summer in Buffalo is the best

We’ve got tons of fun summer concerts to look forward to, baseball games, and days by the water to look forward to. When we finally realize that summer has come and gone, doesn’t it always seem like we didn’t do enough to really, truly enjoy it? 

That’s why we’re pumped that one of our favorite ways to spend a summer day is coming to us earlier than ever - and we definitely plan on hitting it up this weekend. 

Mississippi Mudds Opening This Weekend

Hurray! One of our favorite warm-weather spots in Western New York has announced they will be ready for us to enjoy on Saturday.

Mississippi Mudds, a summertime staple next to the Niagara River in Tonawanda, will be opening their doors for their 37th season on March 2nd at 11am. 

The weather is looking good on Saturday, with forecasts in Western New York calling for temperatures in the mid-50s and partly sunny skies, with an expected warm up to nearly 70 degrees early next week. It’s admittingly a little chilly for some ice cream and burgers by the water, but who cares! We’ve gone too many months without Mississippi Mudds that we’re happy to throw on a jacket and cozy up next to one of their outdoor tables with a giant sundae. 

Mississippi Mudds ice cream
Anna W via Yelp

With fun outdoor activities starting early this year, we’ve got plenty of time to make the summer of 2024 in Western New York one of the best ones yet. 

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