Niagara River

Reports Show What Happened To Buffalo Police Officer Craig Lehner
Reports have come back to examine the death of Buffalo Police Officer Craig Lehner who drowned in the Niagara River last October.
After a 5 day, hunt his body was discovered, but the reports show that maybe Lehner was ill-prepared to dive in the river, as his few previous dives were in calm water lik…
He's Been Found
He disappeared last Friday October 13th during a training session and has been missing since then. Today, The Buffalo Police have confirmed that they have found the body of Buffalo Police Diver Craig Lehner.
Antidepressants Found in WNY Fish
New research conducted at The University of Buffalo has shown some interesting results. Studies conducted on fish in local waters, specifically the Niagara River, show high levels of certain human antidepressants
Check Out This Drone Footage Of The Niagara River
You may drive by it, next to it or even over it but, now we have some view of the Niagara River that you haven't seen yet. Jonah VerHague too his drone and soared above different parts of the river. Pretty cool footage.
Niagara River Fun Fact:
Over 80 species of fish have been rec…
Two Rescued From Niagara River Boat Fire
Smoke could be seen for miles from a boat fire in the Niagara River early Wednesday evening.  A father and son on board when the fire broke out were rescued from the cold waters of the east branch of the river between Grand Island and North Tonawanda's Tonawanda Island...
Niagara River Ice Boom Soon To Be Removed!
Yes we've had quite a mild winter I think I may have scraped snow off my jeep only twice this year.  Today, the International Joint Commission’s International Niagara Board of Control announced that preparations are underway for the ice boom to be removed from the Niag…
Taking A Ride On The Shoreline Trail [PHOTOS]
For those who have never been here, Western New York really has a lot to offer.  I can't think of a better way to enjoy a beautiful spring afternoon than taking a bike ride on the Shoreline Trail along the Niagara River thru Niawanda and Isleview Parks in both the City and Town of Ton…

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