Normally we get new flavors of just about everything in the fall.  This year is no exception with M&M's already announcing a new flavor in November.

I'll admit, we often push through seasons too quickly.  When it's summer we're talking about fall.  When it's fall, we are already talking about Christmas.  But I think most people would agree that this year, that's okay!  This year can hurry up and get over with and most people would be alright with it.

So even though this summer has given us some beautiful weather, I don't mind thinking that fall is right around the corner.  And this year, we're still getting new flavors of candy.  M&M's have announced that they are coming out with new "White Chocolate Sugar Cookie M&M's."

They're made up of a crispy center surrounded by a white-chocolate, sugar-cookie-flavored shell that’s decorated in the festive colors of the holiday season: green, red and white

I'm going to give it just a second to sink in.  Imagine how good those would be on top of some fresh out of the oven sugar cookies.  Sign me up! Not only are they NOT pumpkin spice, they sound incredible.

So how do I get some?

Unfortunately, they don't come out until November.  So we will have to wait.

But....what if I told you you could win a bag to try out before everyone else?  Ok...I'll tell you.  You can win some before everyone else and try them out for free!  Here's what you have to do...

On July 25th, they will be holding a social media contest on their official Twitter and Instagram pages. All you have to do is go to one of those pages (or both) and comment on one of those contest posts.  Winners will be chosen from the comments there.  Good luck!


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