It's the biggest reason many people in Buffalo watch the Super Bowl these days - the commercials!  This year, we get to see two former Bills in one.

It's sad that year after year Buffalo Bills fans watch all year hoping that this will be the year we get to see our team in the Super Bowl.  But once again, it's not meant to be.  The Bills lost to the Chiefs once again so we are forced to watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.

But at least this year we will get a chance to see a couple of our former players in the commercials.

Keep an eye out for Bruce Smith and Terrel Owens

The commercial is for M&M's and it will feature former Buffalo Bills greats Bruce Smith and Terrel Owens.  The title is "The M&M's Almost Ring of Comfort Commercial." It also features former Miami Dolphins quarterback, Dan Marino and Scarlett Johanssen.  In the commercial, they claim that M&M's has developed a ring for people who have almost won a Super Bowl, and also Scarlett Johanssen.

The rings are made from comforting M&M's peanut butter and the sighs of people who almost won a Super Bowl.

If you want to ruin the suspense of Sunday, you can watch the commercial ahead of time below.

When did Terrel Owens almost win a Super Bowl with Buffalo?

He didn't.  He played for the Buffalo Bills and he almost won a Super Bowl when he was with the Eagles in 2005, but unfortunately lost to the New England Patriots.  He wasn't ever really close with the Bills.

Bruce Smith is the NFL's all-time sacks leader with 200 and a Hall of Famer.  However, his teams lost 4 Super Bowls in a row back with the Buffalo Bills in the 90's.  In the first game, his team lost to the New York Giants by inches as the winning kick sailed right of the goalposts in the final seconds of the game.

Scarlett Johanssen is there because she lost two Oscar races.

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