What an awesome story that is a baby phenomenon.

Rebecca Roberts and her partner Rhys, were trying to have a baby and eventually decided to seek treatment in order to help. They became pregnant and grew more and more excited and then at the 12 week mark: utterly shocked.

The nurse told Rebecca that she actually had twins in there as they went to to their third ultrasound.

The strange part was that the babies were measuring 3 weeks apart.

Roberts' pregnancy was diagnosed as superfetation, a phenomenon where a second, new pregnancy occurs during an initial pregnancy. In order for it to happen, eggs are released from the ovary on two separate occasions. They fertilize and then implant into the uterus", according to ABC.

There was some risk involved, too. Doctors warned Rebecca that they would be born at the same time, even though, the 'twins' are technically three weeks apart, which meant that the survival rate for the second twin was going to be low. In addition, the second twin, named Roasalie had stopped growing properly from an issue with her umbilical cord, so the doctors induced labor around the 33 week mark

Happily, the babies have arrived this week and Noah and Rosalie are heading home with their mom and dad!!

You have to see the picture of the twins next to each other and what they look like! Congrats to the parents and in addition, all of the doctors and nurses who made sure the babies arrived healthy as well!

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