Sometimes words aren't enough.  Sometimes it's the lack of words that delivers a stronger point.

Over the weekend, a terrible tragedy occurred in Buffalo.  A young person decided to drive over three hours to commit a heinous act fueled by racism and hate.  He shot thirteen people at a grocery store in a predominantly African American neighborhood and ten of those people lost their lives.

It has affected people all over the country and now all over the world.

The roof was open last night at the Rogers Center in Toronto for a game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners.  It wasn't the crack of the bat or the cheers of the crowd that stood out at this game though.  It was the our neighbors to the north paid tribute to the victims and their families.

In a case like this, sometimes there aren't words that fit a situation.  What can you say that will make any of it better?  There's nothing anyone can say.  This was a very powerful moment from the Blue Jays.

"We stand with the people of Buffalo, The Blue Jays home away from home during this difficult time"

The Blue Jays really became a bigger part of Buffalo culture during the pandemic when they needed to find a "home away from home" to play their games.  They couldn't go back and forth between countries for fear of spreading covid but didn't want to miss out on the entire season.  Instead, they chose to call Buffalo home for a few months.  It was exciting for Buffalo baseball fans who were able to see professional baseball games (that actually mattered) for the first time in some of their lives in their own city.  And it was the second-best thing for the Blue Jays who couldn't be home but could be as close as possible in Buffalo.

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