This is genius.

We were talking on Clay & Company the other day about getting a vending machine in your home. It would be easy to keep you inventory organized, know how much you have left and you can put ANYTHING in there.

One mom took it one step further and said that she has a vending machine in her home. Of course, it is smaller than the ones you are used to seeing, but listen to why she uses it: BRIBERY at it's finest.

In her mini vending machine are 4 rows:

1st row: Healthy Foods
2nd row: Chips
3rd row: Candy Bars
4th row: Batteries / Appliance Items

Row #1 is the cheapest. Prices are low at the top, if you are hungry between meals and you want to eat, it's easier to get some healthy food. After row 1, it only goes up significantly in price. So, if you want that candy bar or charger to the ipad, you're going to need more money.

How do you get money if you're just a kid?

Mom LOVES to give you long as you do some chores. Pick what you want to do, but more chores you do, the more money you get.

Genius? Does anyone else have some parenting hacks that they have adopted during quarantine?

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