How Much Is YOUR Mom Worth?
It's hard to put a price on the work that a mom does.  With all the jobs involved with being a mom, if you separated every job and put a salary with it, what would you have to pay a mom to do the work she does? is giving it a shot though.
Best Proposal Ever?
"I don't care what happens! Come hell or high water I am proposing to her today!!!" LOL Watch as this groom tries desperately to pop the question. You can tell he put effort into it and even asked for help so they could have it captured to hold onto for years to come...
New Show Idea?
When a tantrum gets a little out of hand this mom tried a new technique to get her daughter to stop. She lip-synched the tantrum. Take a look and you'll be impressed when you realize that this is an impromptu one. (BTW, the tantrum was started because of "sheer exhaustion and an invisi…
What Does "Mother" Mean?
With Mother's Day coming up we're all looking for that special way to tell our mom just how much she means to us. Sometimes those tangible things just can't do it. Flowers, jewelry... you name can we elevate it? Well, just watch this video and you'll be in tears thinking…
Oblivious Mom
When she figures it out her reaction is just about right! LOL
"MOM! Will you just understand what I'm doing right now!?!"
Garth Tears Up On Ellen!
In a special moment for Ellen, the singer performed the heartbreaking song 'Mom' off his new album 'Man Against Machine'. The song is about a 'conversation' between a mother and her unborn child. As Garth puts it, it may make every "momma's boy" o…

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