This winter has definitely been a rough one for Western New York. Some Buffalo area residents feel like they’ve been shoveling their driveways and sidewalks nonstop this winter, but believe it or not, that hasn’t been the case. 

Now that the first two months of the year are behind us and Western New York is slowly but surely heading into spring, let’s take a look at the massive amount of snow we’ve had to shovel so far this winter.

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The January and February weather in Buffalo was considerably milder than in November and December last year. Data from the National Weather Service shows that even though January saw roughly the same amount of snow as November, the whopper of a storm that hit Buffalo around the holidays put the last two months of 2022 way ahead of the first two months in 2023 in terms of total snow accumulation. 

November 2022: 36.9

December 2022: 64.7

January 2023: 37.4

February 2023:19.5

Remember, though, that the weather this past February in Buffalo wasn’t exactly a cakewalk.  Just last week, high amounts of freezing rain led to icy sidewalks, dangerous driving conditions, and downed power lines all over Western New York - causing power outages in thousands of homes.

We can keep our fingers crossed that the snow will stay away for these next few weeks of winter, but as we all know from living in and around Buffalo, March tends to come in like a lion.

Can spring just get here already?

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