It's scary to hear stories of possible human trafficking happening here in our backyard.  But they happen every day and it's best to be aware.

Two young families recently documented a possible instance of an attempt to abduct children from a local Walmart.

The stories are up on facebook and mention the Walmart in North Tonawanda.

Yes...there will always be those people out there that will say, "maybe they really just wanted you to join their bible study."  And it's true...maybe they did.  But then again, there's always reason to be alert about your surroundings and the information that you're giving to strangers.

In this case, one of the people involved got a quick video of the people in question.

When in public, it's always a good idea to keep your children close.  Never let them wander off by themselves and don't let them out of your sight.  Don't leave them in a cart and walk away from them or turn your back.

Teach your children if they are ever taken to scream as loud as they can.  Make sure they understand that they should scream, "this person isn't my mom (or dad)" if they possibly can and punch, kick, or scratch if they have to.

Granted, it's not always possible, but try to avoid taking trips to a store alone.  Try to have someone with you at all times.

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