Hasn't anyone learned that you will not get away with fake muggings and abductions anymore?  A man was found with his hands and ankles duct taped together in the backseat of a car in a Tops parking lot in Newfane on Wednesday.

Along with his ankles and wrists, he had his head roped to the head rest.

According to WIVB, Robert Brandel, 60 of North Tonawanda allegedly told State Police that he had picked up a couple of guys that were involved in a Super Bowl pool that he had put together last month.  Then he said that they pulled out a gun and took $16,000 from the Super Bowl squares.

He went on to tell the troopers that they then drove him around for two days before tying him up in the back seat of that car and leaving him in the parking lot of the Tops on Lockport Olcott Road in Newfane.

Police say that that story was completely fabricated because the man was in deep with the Super Bowl squares.

He DID put together a Super Bowl pool.  However, the $50,000 payout was never a possibility as most of the names on the pool were made up.  He was allegedly planning on just taking other people's money and walking with it.  When he didn't have the cash to pay up, he came up with this plan.

He was charged with felony scheme to defraud and third-degree falsely reporting an incident -- a misdemeanor.

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