There’s one breakfast pizza that is known across Western New York as being top tier, but there are so many other places that you should consider trying when it comes to choosing a breakfast pizza. 

When you hear the words “breakfast pizza,” where does your mind go first? For a majority of people, they think of Tops Friendly Markets, who is a true master of the breakfast pizza. 

One of the reasons that many people in Western New York think of Tops is because there are so many Tops locations around the region. In total, Tops has 162 grocery store locations with at least 35 of those being in Western New York. 

But what about the other local businesses in Western New York that serve breakfast pizza? Is there any place else that sells a delicious equivalent (or close to)?

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Take a look at some of the other places you can go for a quality breakfast pizza, in case you want to try something new. 

  1. Crosby’s - an affordable breakfast pizza with a garlic kick
  2. Jay’s Artisan Pizza in Kenmore - a locally owned restaurant that serves breakfast pizza with fresh toppings.
  3. Walmart - they have an incredible take and bake breakfast pizza at an affordable price. 
  4. Dipaulo’s Pizzeria - one of the best breakfast pizzerias around. 
  5. One Pie Pizza - this breakfast pizza is a fan favorite in Western New York. 

The invention of breakfast pizza is somewhat of a mystery, but many researchers believe that it became widespread throughout the country during the 1980s, which makes it a relatively young dish that is totally de-lish!

Okay, now I have to go pick up my breakfast pizza. 

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