We're just over the midway mark of winter, which means now is the time of February that we slowly but surely look forward to the start of spring and the warmer weather.

We have spring, summer, before we hit fall, but if you're one of those types that adores Halloween and spooky season, get ready for something that is sure to make headlines in Western New York this fall.

We have haunted houses and other attractions in Buffalo. They're so much fun to visit, and yes, getting scared is part of the fun. It's not for everyone but for those who love getting scared, it's something they look forward to every October.

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We have never seen a haunted amusement park though, at least not at a place that is already an amusement park.

The Haunted Forests in Clarence is teasing a haunted amusement park attraction for the 2024 fall season...

It's not clear if this is a haunted house, with a museum like feel, or if this house is simply one aspect of a full-blown amusement park. We will have to wait and see.

The Haunted Forests have been around the last several years, and have grown into one of the most successful haunted attractions in Western New York. They offer a haunted trail, maze and hayride. Now, it appears they will unveil a brand new amusement park.

In 2023, The Haunted Forests partnered with The Great Pumpkin Farm in 2023, moving from their first location in Newfane.

The fact they're teasing this already (February) likely means this will be a huge announcement.

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