Are you the kind of person that goes out to get great deals on Black Friday?  If so, be aware, this is what everyone will be trying to get their hands on.

Black Friday is huge for some people.  They'll spend weeks and weeks getting ready to get the best deals.  They map out their morning and get up early to start their shopping.  But what will everyone be stampeding through doors to get their hands on this year?

This item is going to be the most sought-after in the country

The couponing site did a study by looking at google trends for people around the country to see what they were talking about when it came to Black Friday shopping in 2023.  What they ended up with were the items that people said they were looking for this year.

According to their study, the Nintendo Switch is still the most popular item for people in the country.  Their research found that to be the most popular in 13 states!

An Apple iPad was second in line to the Switch.

This is what people in New York will be hunting for this year

The study was broken down state-by-state to find what people were talking about getting on Black Friday, so what were people in New York looking for?  The most talked about item in New York was the Google Nest.

What is the Google Nest?

A Google Nest is essentially a smart home automation system.  Not only can you adjust your thermostat with it, but also your lights, home speakers, locks, security systems, cameras, and more.  So while it's listed as just one item, people could have been searching for multiple things in the "Google Nest" family.

Why does it matter?

It probably feels like it doesn't matter what other people are looking for, but if you're looking for a gift that's popular for someone that's hard to buy for, this might help.  Maybe you're a retailer that wants to make sure to have what people want on your shelves.  Well, here it is!

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