Buffalo has had some of the greatest sports memories in recent history. Who can forget the incredible come back game between the Bills led by Frank Riech and the Houston Oilers. Unfortunately most of our memories involving sports in Western New York are not something we care to remember. Here is a list of some of my worst sports memories compliments of Buffalo sports teams.

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    Scott Norwood's Wide Right in Super Bowl XXV

    Of all the Super bowls the Buffalo Bills were in back in the 90's the first one against the Giants was by far their best chance to win the championship. It was a great game, especially by Thurman Thomas, but it came down to the final kick by our star kicker Scott Norwood. I won't bore you with the outcome but let's just say the phrase "Wide Right" is well known in the Buffalo area.

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    Brett Hull's No Goal

    The closest the Buffalo Sabres have ever been to winning the Stanley Cup was back in 1999 against the Dallas Stars. It came down to Game six in over time when Brett Hull slapped the puck past Dominick Hasek. Video clearly shows Hull's foot inside the goal crease but the officials refused to call it a "No Goal" and the Dallas Stars raised the cup thus adding the sports woe's of western New York.

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    Bills Lose to Cowboys on Monday Night Football

    Back in 2007 the Bills played the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football in a game they should not have had a chance to win. Buffalo shocked the football nation by completely dominating the Cowboys through most of the game. With just over 5 minutes to go in the game the Bills were in the lead 24 to 16. With 20 seconds to go the Cowboys successfully attempt an onside kick and go on to win the game. Go Bills????

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    Buffalo Braves Leave Buffalo After Just 6 Years

    The Buffalo Braves came into existence in 1970 but in the summer of 1976 owner Paul Snyder sold the team to John Y. Brown who relocated the team to San Diego to become the San Diego Clippers.

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    St. Bonaventure Makes Final Four - And Lose

    Bob Lanier was a star athlete for the Bonnies. The Bonnies made it to the Final Four in 1970 and In true Western New York Fashion Lanier goes down with an injury and yep, you guessed it. The Bonnies lose to Jacksonville University.