The housing market is brutal right now. Placing a big, even if it's above the asking price, can be outbid almost immediately.

Trying to get an apartment is just as hard. Prices are increasing and finding places that fit your need isn't easy.

The vast majority of people probably are not looking for a home that cost just a shade under $170 million on Zillow, but that's exactly what this home in New York State costs and it looks like something out of a movie.

Located on Park Ave. in the heart of New York City, this gorgeous penthouse is over 8,000 square feet in total space. It features six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It's also got privacy, as it sits on floor 96 of 96 total floors. It overlooks the entire City of New York.

The ceilings are over 12 feet tall and the windows give you a panoramic view of Manhattan's skyline.

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Those you live here will get a private elevator up to their penthouse and a long dining room that can host numerous guests for a party.

The marble walls are easily one of the highlights of the home and the elegance of the penthouse will make anyone feel like a king or queen inside its walls.

The stunning views are my favorite part of this home. It comes at such a heavy price tag, however. It's currently the most expensive home you can purchase, not just in New York City, but all of New York State.

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