Anyone who works in an office has their fair share of annoyances but there are some that we can all agree on. The meetings that could have been emails or the dreaded emails with passive-aggressive wording...we've all been there. FitSmallBusiness has released their list of the most overused workplace expressions of 2018, and their meanings, for our enjoyment.

  1. Let's Circle Back – What it really means: "I don't have an answer for you, leave me alone now."
  2. Shift The Paradigm – "You need to change the way you think."
  3. Moving Forward – "Don't ever do whatever you did that way again."
  4. Marinate On That - "We're not sure what's going on, so let's think about it longer."
  5. Not My Domain – "Not my problem."
  6. Let's Create Synergy - "You better work together."
  7. It's In The Pipeline – "It's not ready yet."
  8. It Is What It Is - "I don't know how else to put this, and I don't care, end of story."
  9. You Need To Own It – "You need to take responsibility – but not the credit."
  10. You Need to Make Headway – "Make yourself productive already."

See the rest of the list HERE.

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