The Buffalo Sabres have been a professional team in the NHL since the 70's.  We hear a lot of the same names when talking about them, but what about these players?

When Sabres of the past are being talked about, normally it's the French Connection that comes to mind.  It's hard to argue about a Hall of Famer in Gilbert Perreault at centre and All-Stars Rick Martin and René Robert.  They were magic together.

Then a lot of people talk about the Miller years with Danny Briere and Chris Drury.  Those were without a doubt some of the best years to watch hockey in Buffalo in my opinion.  Every single game was electric and you never wanted to take your eyes off the puck.  They could score at any minute and take the game into Ooooovvveerrrrtiiiimmmmee!

A lot of people still wonder what would have happened with the Sabres if they could have found a way to keep Briere and Drury.  On July 1, 2007, the Sabres lost them both in a matter of about 5 hours.

Then, there are these players.  The ones that still contributed greatly but don't get talked about nearly as much as some of the bigger names.  They were loved.  You might even have one of their jerseys hanging in your closet.  They did their job, and they did it well, but somehow over the years have gotten overshadowed by some of the bigger names in the franchise.

Everybody has their list...who do you think are some of the most under-rated Buffalo Sabres of all time?

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