Summertime is incredible in Western New York.  There really is so much that you can do.  But what if you're short on cash?

There's no doubt that times are tough right now.  Everything seems so expensive and everyone is trying to save a buck.  So what do you do when your beautiful weather time is limited and so is the cash in your bank account?  You want to go out and do all of the things, but you also want to keep the electric on at your house.

You look for entertainment that doesn't cost you anything.

The good news is that there is a ton to do here where you can pretty much leave your wallet at home.  And most of it is good for you.  Gyms make it easy to work out.  That's what they charge you for.  But exercise is always free.  You don't have to pay a dime to move your body and stay healthy.

Now, when reading this list, I understand that very little is really 100 percent free.  Almost everything has some kind of cost involved.  If you have to drive to get there it will cost you.  If you need special equipment to do the activity, it will cost you to buy that equipment.  Sometimes it costs to park to do an activity, but the activity itself is free to do.  That's why it's named what it is.  The list is made up of things that are mostly free to do in the summertime in Western New York.

13 (Mostly) Free Summer Activities In Western New York

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