Mother's Day 2022 is here and hopefully you are able to spend some time with your mom. Over the last couple of years it may have been difficult because of the pandemic and COVID fears to visit in person. If you are a new mom, this may be the first year you get treated to some time alone or a brunch or dinner? One thing is for sure, there may not be enough flowers or cards or mimosas in the world to equal the thanks that we have for our moms.

My mom passed away when I was 19 and to this day, it still hurts that we didn't get more time or a better opportunity to say thank you. Now that my wife and I have three sons, I have an additional respect and gratitude for the things that moms do. The absolute foundation for our family is my wife, and her love for our kids. There is a special bond between a mom and her kids that us dads can hope to strive for. Yes, it is mom who carries and delivers birth to a child. But beyond the labor and delivery, room a mom's role in her kid's life is an exhausting, yet rewarding job that this article couldn't even begin to unwrap. But, at the very least, we can offer our moms here in Buffalo a few special words of gratitude.

A Thank You To Buffalo Moms

Dear mom,

I wanted to start by thanking you so much, for being you. Mom thank you for being patient on those cold winter mornings,before school when you had to bundle me up in extra layers and my boots, only to find out that I had to go to the bathroom as soon as we left the house!

Thank you for the play dates and birthday parties and the countless hours of homework, DIY crafts and back-to-school shopping that you helped me with and paid for.

Mom, thank you for making me those lunches all those years on my way to school. Nobody makes a better PBJ than you and who could forget the way you cut the crust off the bread so perfectly?

Mom, thank you for making me a Buffalo Bills fan! It was you sharing your love for the Bills that really made me understand why we don't like Tom Brady or the Dolphins and hearing you use the F word for the first time after a bad play on a Sunday afternoon will forever be one of my favorite memories.

Thank you so much mom for decorating the house for all the occasions that Buffalo truly loves. The shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day, pussy willows on Dyngus Day and who could forget the Buffalove on 716 day!?.

Mom thank you so much for taking me and my friends to Darien Lake on the summer afternoons and then turning around to pick us up later in the day. Thank you so much for waiting in line with me to meet my favorite Buffalo Sabre! We spent hours in line to get a selfie and an autograph!

Thank you for those early mornings at the ice rink, the late evenings at t-ball and for teaching me how to slow dance before homecoming! I had the perfect "promposal" my senior year because of you!

The greatest memories I have are from when you were there to pick me up when I was upset, or sad, or had my heartbroken. To this day, when I don't feel good, all I want is to hug you or sit next to you and feel the safety and comfort that only you give. There simply is no greater source feeling of "home" than the sound of your voice. Even when you had to yell at us kids for messing up the house after you cleaned it for THE THIRD time.

I am who I am today and I appreciate the city I grew up in and the people here because of you and who you are. There is no greater gift that I could have been given than to have you as a mom. Thank you for being YOU!

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