After trading Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby, many Bills fans are feeling like the season is already over.  If they need some good news, this might (or might not) be what they're looking for.

MSN ranked all 32 teams in the NFL with how they feel their season might go this year.  The good news?  Buffalo isn't last on the list.  The bad news?  They aren't in the top 25 either.

The Bills ranked 27th on this list.  More good news?  They're ahead of their AFC East opponent NY Jets who came in dead last.

They cited the "mediocre defense" and LeSean McCoy's increasing age as some reasons why the Bills will struggle this year.

"New head coach Sean McDermott will try to revitalize a mediocre defense, while the offense will continue to run behind LeSean McCoy. As he nears age 30, that becomes more of a risk for the Bills."

The entire list can be found here.


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