This is awesome! It's an Escape Room Experience inside a Murder Mystery night AND it all takes place at a local brewery!

Trapped, the escape room located on Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda, teamed up with 12 Gates Brewery to host a Mystery Tap Takeover.  Trapped - A Buffalo Escape Room Experience has some very well known escape rooms including, Room #9, The Tomb and the very popular Harry Potter themed room called The Wizard's Keep.  So how does this whole thing work? It's actually quite simple - you're trying to figure out who the murdered Alistair Merrifield and you can sip on some great beer while you're doing it! They ask you to arrive at the venue early which is perfect because you can grab a beer and even order some food, which by the way was delicious. Once everyone arrives and gets settled they break you up into your groups. My group that I came with stayed my group, they didn't mix people with people they didn't know. Once all the groups are settled in their areas they passed out your confidential envelopes filled with EVERYTHING you're going to need to get going to solve the murder! So how is this different from an Escape Room and how does this work?


Let break this down...

Let's start with back story from the Trapped Facebook page,

"The year is 1922. The prominent businessman Alistair Merrifield has been murdered at his birthday party. Examine the evidence. Follow the clues. Find the killer!"

Inside the packet they give you has the details you would expect to get as an investigator on a murder case. I will say in the beginning when we pulled out all the details in the packet it was a little overwhelming but looking back I think that it added to challenge of trying to solve the murder before the other groups did.

The next thing that I really liked were the little challenges within in the big challenge of solving the murder. They give you several opportunities to not only get clues to help solve the case but also get suspects crossed off the list. Some of the opportunities are related to the game and some are just riddles. This added an element to the game that none of us excepted but we all loved. We were able to grab three extra hints and eliminated three suspects with these fun challenge opportunities! And in a few of the challenges, if you win it means that the other groups lose and you have a leg up on them. You're battling the other group for a few of these clues!

There is still an Escape Room element in this game and that is the interactive crime scene! Inside the brewery they did set up a crime scene and this is where your escape room skills come into play. I won't reveal too much but I will say that you need to treat it like you've walked into an escape room. You have limited time and there are things within the crime scene you will need to help solve the murder!

All in all this was an awesome time! It's a way to do something fun with a group of friends and be able to grab a few beers and eat while doing it. I did have some hesitations when I found out that there was going to be a large number of people involved in the night but once it started our competitive juices really started to flow. When you're in an escape room you're trying to beat a clock, but in this game you're also trying to beat all the groups in the brewery.

This is definitely a game you'll want to try out, especially if you're a craft beer fan! I had never been to 12 Gates and I'm glad I was finally able to go! The beer and food was delicious and the tap room was really nice and had plenty of seating!

Get signed up for the next Mystery Tap Takeover HERE ! The next game is April 3rd at 12 Gates! Up to 50 people can be involved but because it is at 12 Gates Brewery the players do need to be 21 or older!

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