Whose job is it to clean a U-S Postal Service mail box?  Is it the Postal Service?  Is it the responsibility of any establishment in which the mail box is located in front of? 

Mail boxes, more specifically the handles of mail boxes are pretty germy.  Just think of all of the people who touch that handle and who knows what they were touching beforehand.  Some people keep sanitizer lotion or sheets in their car just because of situations like that, but how about a mail box, or in this case side by side mail boxes that are just filthy?

Dale Mussen photo

I went to deposit a letter into a mail box in a plaza on Niagara Falls Blvd. recently and both mail boxes were covered in....dust, dirt, grime....however you want to describe it, but just plain filthy.  Somebody picks up mail from these boxes nearly every day.  Don't they notice it?  Is it their job to clean it?  Is it anybody's job?  Does anybody care?  How hard can it be to take a rag and just tidy up a little bit?  Or would that be a violation of union rules?

Dale Mussen photo

How about the property owner?  Is this the way they want their establishment to look?  A couple of filthy mail boxes out in front?  But looking at the sidewalk and cigarette butts and other debris scattered about it seems that just isn't a priority for them.

You know what?  I'm just going to take my mail someplace else.