Recently I received an email from Gary Wessel, a member of the Allied Sportsmen Club in Marilla asking if I would like to come out to the club and do some indoor target practice with my handguns. Of course, I jumped at this opportunity. Any excuse to do some pistol shooting sounds great to me. Since the demise of the Buffalo Shooting Club, I am currently not a member of any shooting club.

My son Tyler and I got to the club around noon yesterday and met many of the members who were all very welcoming and friendly. We really felt at home with these folks. We shot some target practice on their indoor range. I was shooting my Ruger MK III Hunter .22 pistol while Tyler was next to me shooting my Smith and Wesson Model 60 Chief's Special in .38 caliber. Gary Wessel was next to me on the other side shooting a World War II .45 caliber pistol. Gary was helping me sight in my Ruger as it is a new gun that I recently acquired. We shot for close to an hour and really enjoyed ourselves. Everyone we met at the club was helpful and friendly. A big thank you to all the folks at the Allied Sportmen Club for their hospitality. I know my son and I will be coming back to do more shooting with these people.