There is a new trend on social media that has everyone talking.

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It is a trend where people are saying things out loud knowing that they are going to get a lot of hate for. From the food you are supposed to love to the sports team you root for, you know that if you said this statement out loud in public you would get a lot of hate from the people around here.

Here in the 716, we are a VERY proud bunch of people and of course, we will defend certain things to the death. So if you were out in public in Western New York, what would be something that if you said out loud, a bunch of Buffalonians would be giving you the business about?

We posed that question on our social media and sure enough, as I was reading some of the statements I was getting fired out and was ready to defend my town, my area, my Western New York against some of these posts.

Of course, you can always look at it from the other side and if you want to get under the skin of someone from Western New York these are some statements that you can keep in your back pocket and toss out when you need them the most.

Warning, if you do plan on reading this whole list in one sitting you might feel your blood start to boil and you might start getting angry. Maybe read half the list, cool off, and then come back and finish the list.

Get ready to get angry, here are 13 Things You Should Never Say In Western New York.

13 Things You Should Never Say In Western New York

There are certain things you should never say out loud in Western New York

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