Another NFL Draft is in the books.  The Bills picked 9 rookies to join them at camp this season.  That means new numbers for the new players.

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In addition to the players picked up in the draft, contrary to what they said about not making any big splash moves this off-season, the Bills grabbed a couple guys in free agency.  Surprisingly, DeAndre Hopkins didn't get traded anywhere over draft weekend.  He's still available too.

The Bills Did Fill Some Holes

The Bills were certainly not non-existent in the free agency market though.  While they did lose players like Tremaine Edmunds, Devin Singletary, Case Keenum, and Jaquan Johnson, they were able to grab up some free agents who will hopefully either fill holes for them, or give them some depth at important positions.

The Bills Held On To One Of Their Biggest Free Agents

Some people guessed that the Bills could possibly lose not only Tremaine Edmunds, but also free agent safety Jordan Poyer in the off-season.  But luckily they were able to hold on to some veteran leadership in their secondary by re-signing Poyer.

New Players Sign In Buffalo

The Bills began by signing a big body up front to protect their franchise quarterback with guard Connor McGovern from the Dallas Cowboys.  They were also able to snag a speedy wide receiver from the New Orleans Saints in Deonte Harty and a solid receiver from Miami named Trent Sherfield.  Our backup quarterback will be another Allen.  This time it's Kyle Allen from Houston. It will be interesting to see if Josh Allen's name will read "J. Allen" this year or if he'll just stick with the regular "Allen" and let Kyle Allen put the K in front of his name.

They will have a new running back in the backfield too as they grabbed Damien Harris who admits that he's loved Bills Mafia for awhile, but couldn't admit it because he was in New England.  They also grabbed a couple players from the Rams in Taylor Rapp and David Edwards (As of right now, these two players do not have new numbers assigned).

The NFL Draft brings 6 new players to the Bills

The Bills began the draft by jumping over Dallas to grab tight end Dalton Kincaid from the University of Utah in the first round.  That move was followed the next day by picking up O'Cyrus Torrence in the second round.  The third round they finally went for a linebacker with Tulane standout Dorian Williams.

On Saturday, they finally picked a wide receiver from Florida named Justin Shorter, an offensive lineman from Mississippi named Nick Broeker, and a cornerback from Oregon State named Alex Austin

The Shuffle Will Mean New Numbers For New Players

This will mean that we are going to see some new players on the field that will take a little getting used to this year.  When you get used to seeing certain numbers on players, it throws you off to see a different person in them.  Last year it was a huge adjustment to see Isaiah McKenzie in #6 instead of his #19.  So what numbers will the new players be wearing?

Here are the new numbers for the free agents and the rookies that they just grabbed in the draft:

The Newest Buffalo Bills Jersey Numbers

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