A new mural that will be painted in Downtown Buffalo will feature a food the city has become known for...Wings!

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According to their Facebook page, the new mural will be painted on the side of Pearl Street Grill and Brewery in Downtown Buffalo.

The mural was created by Buffalo native and current Buffalo RiverWorks creative and art director Zach Case.

It is expected to be completed sometime this week.

The mural will feature both styles of wings, drumsticks, and flats. Also, the wings will be positions so that people can take pictures with the wings and they will look like angel wings.

The title of the mural is "Wings Wings".  Pearl Street Grill and Brewery is located on the corner of Pearl and West Seneca streets in Downtown Buffalo.

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Buffalo has become home of the "Chicken Wing" after the tasty treat was created by Teressa Bellissimo in 1964 at the Anchor Bar as a treat for her son and his friends.


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