This is genius!

There is a Buffalo called the Yeti shoveling app and the app will send someone to wherever you are to shovel out your car whether it's in your driveway, the street or maybe you're stuck somewhere.

If you are sick of holding a shovel, or maybe you need some extra hands, this is certainly useful to know especially with the blizzard that we just got in Western New York. Right now, it's only for iPhone users and you have to be within 5 miles of the City of Buffalo, though.

Would you use it?

*For those who wish to make some money the sign-up process to become a Yeti is quick and painless, you can begin working your first order less than 5 minutes after downloading the app. Yetis will see the exact payout they will receive before accepting an order. All customer payments are handled via credit card payment while the Yeti payouts are direct deposited into a checking account provided by the Yeti during signup. Actual numbers will vary given the dynamic nature of the pricing but generally shoveling orders cost between $25-$45 while Yetis earn an average of around $40/hour, according to Buffalo Rising.

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