Women are the weaker sex? That’s an outdated notion, for sure — and new dad Tyler Hubbard heartily agrees, especially after witnessing his wife Hayley giving birth to their newborn daughter last month.

The Florida Georgia Line singer tells People that he’s pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to handle childbirth. And he doesn’t reserve that hesitation to just himself, but includes all men in that particular club!

“I think it’s something that God doesn’t let men do for a reason — I don’t know if we could get through it,” he admitted, adding that he now has "100%" respect for “all women who have babies.”

The vocalist shared with People that seeing his first child born was not only awe-inspiring, it was just plain exciting to observe. "Watching Hayley go through the laboring process from start to finish and seeing the prize at the end of the race was pretty rewarding and really, really cool," Tyler reveals. "It was definitely a special moment for both of us, and something we’ll never forget."

Hayley may have done all the tough work, but she still gives her husband props for providing invaluable support during her pregnancy and the arrival of the baby. "He’s been my helping hand and supportive — everything and more than I ever expected him to do," she related. "He’s been wonderful."

She even posted a recent Instagram photo showing off what a champ Tyler's been. Looks like he's cooking something up in the kitchen while Mom handles baby duty.

The Hubbard's little girl, Olivia Rose, was born in Nashville on Dec. 23 at 4:56PM. She weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz. at birth. "We’re so overwhelmed with joy and already more in love than we could have ever imagined with this little angel that God has given us," Tyler told People, adding, "Olivia is the best Christmas gift we could have ever asked for."

The couple announced they were expecting their first baby on June 7, and Hayley showed off her baby bump that night on the red carpet at the 2017 CMT Music Awards.

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