What’s the best part about going to the New York State Fair? Is it the cheap tickets? Live demonstrations? The free live concerts in Chevy Court? Sure - all of those are fun additions to the yearly event - but let’s get real. We all know the number one reason thousands of New Yorkers make the trip to Syracuse in the summer is the access to the most gloriously unhealthy foods in the entire state. 

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The New York State Fair will be back for 2022 starting August 24th and running through September 5th. This year, they’ve announced that over 100 vendors will be offering delicious goodies onsite, including 15 new spots from all over the country.

State Fair Interim Director Sean Hennessey said,

“This large crop of new food and drink providers will offer fairgoers a wonderful chance to try new things and find new favorites. At the same time, faithful fairgoers will be delighted to return to food places that they only get a chance to try once a year, too.”

He’s right - The New York State Fair is many people’s only chance all year to try the most gluttonous, unhealthy, so-bad-for-you-but-oh-so-delicious food you could possibly find. From fair staples like wine slushies and kettle corn to giant fried monstrosities and crispy alligators - you will never look at humanity the same way again after seeing what some people indulge in at the New York State Fair.

Seriously, there are some offerings food offerings at the fair that will make you go, “How is that even LEGAL?” “Who would possibly order that?” And finally, “I wonder how long the line is?”

Here are fifteen new food offerings to walk by or try this year at the Great New York State Fair:

  • Caramel Apple Sundae
  • Balkan Street Food
  • Bold Coast Lobster Co.
  • Brazilian Bowls
  • Cinder BBQ
  • 30 Second Salsa
  • Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ
  • My Fav Candy Store
  • The State Fair Deli
  • Munjed’s Middle Eastern
  • Syracha’Cuse Hot Sauce Tasting Bar
  • The Shaved Ice Factory
  • Theo Petros Food Truck
  • Tropical Delights
  • True Honey Teas

For the complete list of food vendors that will be at the fair, check out this list here.

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