Wednesday is the day that the brand new Hatches & Hops location opens up in the Black Rock area of Buffalo.

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According to WIVB, the new, bigger location is at 68 Tonawanda Street.

Like its name suggests, it features beer and ax-throwing.

The new location will feature co-working space, along with bagels and coffee! Of course, beer as well, with a variety of drinks on tap. Wine will also be available.

As for the ax-throwing, you can from 5-9 pm for free! No, really!

The ax-throwing is a first-come, first-serve basis.

“With COVID-19, everyone has to get creative,” Sarah Signorelli, marketing manager for Hatchets and Hops said. “We wanted a way to open up during the day, and having some food options and a co-working space during the day is a way to get back on the map again and have people come check out the new space.”

Who's going to try the new location this week? You can find more information at their Facebook page.

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