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It’s been almost exactly four years since the COVID-19 pandemic turned Western New York into a ghost town, causing several businesses to temporarily shut their doors and scale back their operations. 

Thankfully, the worst of it is over, but several local businesses have been left struggling due to the economic damage it caused. 

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Earlier this week, popular downtown Buffalo restaurant Misuta Chows revealed they’ve filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (they’ll remain open while they restructure their budget and finances), and now we’ve learned that yet another innovative Buffalo business has done the same. However, in this case, it means they’ll be shutting their doors for good. 

Innovative Buffalo Business Having Financial Issues

When it first opened in 2016, Hatchets & Hops on Main Street was one of the trendiest places to go in Buffalo. 

The first business of its kind in the U.S., people were clamoring to be trained by their staff on how to properly throw a hatchet while slugging back craft beers. Hatchet-throwing became so popular that Hatchets & Hops expanded to additional locations; on Tonawanda Street in the Black Rock neighborhood, and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 


Unfortunately, both of these new locations were only briefly open for business before the pandemic shut down, leaving them unable to apply for the federal relief funds and protections  that many small businesses used to survive the lockdown. 

Owner and founder Andrew Piechowicz told Buffalo Business First

“It’s tough when your entire business model is bringing people together and they’re saying don’t get together with people.”

Piechowicz was originally hoping to expand the business into even more locations and franchising opportunities, but things didn’t pan out that way. After several months of attempting to stay afloat, including selling their Brooklyn-based location, they made the decision to file for voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 

Is Hatchets & Hops Closing In Buffalo?

Similar to the situation with Misuta Chow’s, Hatchets & Hops will stay open on Main Street in Buffalo while they work on a new financial business plan. However, they’ve made the decision to shutter the Black Rock location at 58 Tonawanda Street, and will move all of their part-time employees over to the downtown location. 

The plan now for Hatchets & Hops is to put all of their energy into their flagship location, so as Buffalo residents, let’s show our support and go visit them on Main Street to chuck a hatchet and grab a beer sooner rather than later.

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