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Drone View Of A Silent, Eerie Downtown Buffalo [VIDEO]
Monday morning is usually super busy in downtown Buffalo. You wait your turn to get off the 190 into downtown and then you wait at 7 un-synced street lights trying to get to work. Now it is a very different Monday morning vibe.
Nobody is walking to lunch on the streets, almost nobody is coming into d…
There have been so many changes and improvements in downtown Buffalo over the past 10 to 15 years.  The work that's been done is amazing.  To recall what it looked like years ago compared to what it is now, it's sometimes hard to believe.
Buffalo Ball Drop
The downtown Buffalo ball drop is, by far, the most popular spot to ring in the New Year in Buffalo, NY. In fact, it's the second largest ball drop in the country. In the past over 40,000 people have come downtown to celebrate the new year, so officials have already begun preparing the party do…

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