A new male birth control is on it's way after being under development for years. 'Vasalgel' will replace condoms for reproductive reasons, but not for protecting diseases. The new 'gel' will not block STD's.

According to the Health Channel's YouTube:

Developers hope the new drug will be cheap, reversible and long-lasting.

Vasalgel is a 'polymer hydrogel' that is injected into the vas deferens - the tube that sperm passes through on the way to the penis.The gel acts to block sperm, thus preventing pregnancy. It is being developed by the Parsemus Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation who develop low-cost medical solutions.They said the procedure has the same effect as a vasectomy, but is less invasive as surgery is not required because the vas deferens is blocked with the gel, rather than cut. They hope the new contraceptive will be affordable, adding they want it to cost 'less than a flat screen TV'.

During current trials on baboons, three males were injected with the Vasalgel contraceptive.

Each baboon was then left living with 10 to 15 female baboons.
After six months, no female baboons became pregnant, although the trial is not quite over.

By the end of the year, the Parsemus Foundation said they will have a lot more information on whether Vasalgel is effective.
They added that if all goes well they will be planning for clinical trials with humans to start next year.


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