The company that owns Walden Galleria has avoided defaulting on its over loan. That could mean new stores will come to the area. However, no official word on just what stores.

Great news for those who love to shop! The owners of the Walden Galleria have announced that they got an extension on their loans that will allow them to stay in business and possibly bring more stores to the popular mall in Cheektowaga.

According to reports, Pyramid Management Group said this extension will allow the company to continue reinvesting in the shopping center.

The mall has seen many changes over the last decade with restaurants being added and new stores popping up. You can't beast the location but there are some shoppers who are asking for more variety of stores. Many shoppers in New York and Southern Ontario spend money at the various outlet stores around the region. Perhaps the new loan will allow the Walden Galleria to attract higher end stores as well.

Father's Day is coming up in just a few days and there are a bunch of great stores that you can visit in and around the mall. Cabela's is just across the street and if dad loves all things patriotic, maybe you will find something at The Made In America Store which has many locations around Buffalo. Obviously, dads from Buffalo will also love Bills and Sabres gear!

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With gas prices getting to $5 a gallon, trying to shop local has become more important than ever. We are very lucky to have the amount of mom and pop and small business stores around Western New York!

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