I am a left-handed person and I have a lot of pride in that fact. With lefties only making up 10% of the population, when something left-handed happens I want to check it out.

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My wife who is a rightie saw this ad in the Amherst Bee for a new clinical study and was amused by the requirements. Of course, she had to point it out to me.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2020
Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2020

The study is being conducted to help people stop smoking so I am not sure why you have to be right-handed to be a part of it.

Do these scientists not care if lefties smoke? Do they not want to help us quit? Is there some sort of natural thing that makes it harder for lefties to quit smoking?

I have so many questions but since I don't smoke and I am left-handed I guess I will never find out.

Just a heads up to all the scientists out there, us lefties love be a part of things! Next time you are looking for subjects, please consider using a leftie! We are all-right.


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