After a rather quiet first three weeks of January, the colder air and snowier conditions are now creeping back into the public conscious for Western New York and other parts of New York State.

We knew that snow was coming by Wednesday and Thursday this week, but didn't quite know how much snow. Probably a few inches at most, but the problem was the air temperature could cause freezing rain and pure rain, which would have made things messy.

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However, it looks like we're getting more snow than we want.

Just after 10 am, the National Weather Service issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Buffalo, northward. This goes for Northern Erie County and all of Niagara County. A Winter Weather Advisory still remains for the rest of Western and Central New York.

North County, off Lake Ontario, also remains in a Winter Storm Warning.

The Winter Storm Warning in Western New York goes through 10 pm tonight. The warning for Jefferson, Lewis and Oswego counties starts at 1 pm and goes goes through 7 pm on Thursday, as they will also be dealing with lake enhanced snow on Thursday.

Up to 10 inches of snow is possible for Western New York.

The temperatures will be in the 20's for much of the remainder of the month. The good news is that the snow will go away by Friday and Saturday, but there's a potential system coming by Sunday. Highs could only be in the teens by next weekend.

Old Man Winter is showing up the next few days.

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