There are ups and downs to every state and no matter where you live you will have your beefs and yet defend your state as the best until you're blue in the face. US News & World report went ahead a decided to put the issue to bed with a study of their own. They took subjects that matter to people no matter where they live and weighted some based on their importance to people. Things like educations, health care, economy, infrastructure and opportunity were taken into account when ranking the best states in the country.

The 'Best States" may shock you because it's not one of the ones that is always in the news and it doesn't have the glitz and glamour of the coast states... but maybe that's what makes it so great. According to US News & World Report, Iowa is the BEST state in the United States. Iowa comes in pretty high in multiple categories;  ranking No. 1 in infrastructure and No. 3 in health care, No. 4 in opportunity, and No. 5 in Education.

US News and World Report/
US News and World Report/

New York didn't fare as well, but they also weren't the worst. New York fell right in the middle at 25. New York didn't finish in the top 10 in any category and in a couple categories finished close to the bottom.

I guess this just means that New York has room for improvement and hopefully next year our ranking will go up and not down. I also wonder what the ranking would look like if they didn't include New York City? This isn't a bash on the city, the ranking could very much go down, but curiosity is always there when these studies come out on how much is effected by the city itself.


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