Raise your hand if you are excited for the weekend! There is good news...it is here! There may be even better news if you win one of the biggest jackpots we have seen in New York State.

There are some familiar phrases that pop up every now and again when the lottery gets this big. "Hey, you never know"! "You gotta be in it to win it" and "Dollar and a Dream" are a few of the cliches that you will hear as both the Mega Millions and Powerball are at massive levels for this weekend's drawings.

Do you have a plan for the cash if you win? Do you think you can handle being an overnight millionaire? The truth is, many people would like the chance to find out and that is possible if you play this Friday and Saturday.

he top prize up for grabs tonight for Mega Millions is $281 million and the Powerball winner tomorrow night will receive $366 million bucks.

A win would most likely guarantee you could pay off loans and mortgages. It would also likely mean you could stop working and take care of everyone close to you with that much money.

I was watching the Yankees and Mets game this week and the two starting pitchers for each team will make nearly $80 million combined this season! Not too shabby. If you weren't blessed with an incredible fastball or slider, maybe a your lucky day will be this weekend?

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