There has been a huge debate in the NFL over how many teams actually are New York teams.

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Three teams in the NFL claim to be from New York State, the Buffalo Bills, The New York Jets, and The New York Giants. The only problem is that both the New York Jets and New York Giants actually play their home games in a stadium in New Jersey.

The Giants started playing home games in New York in 1976 while the New York Jets moved from New York State to New Jersey in 1984.

When the Jets moved their home games to New Jersey in 1984, that essentially left the Buffalo Bills as the only NFL still based in the state of New York.

A new lawsuit filed on behalf of fans of the New York Giants and New York Jets claims that the NFL teams are knowingly trying to trick fans into believing they are rooting for New York teams when in fact the teams play in New Jersey. stated that the lawsuit has one demand on behalf of the millions of New York Jets and New York Giants fans. Either those teams change their names to New Jersey or move back to New York State when the current lease of MetLife Stadium expires in 2025.

Many fans in New York and especially in Buffalo know that right now the Buffalo Bills are the only NFL in New York. Even Bills franchise QB Josh Allen was quoted saying that in a press conference.

This is not the first time the name "New York" was debated on how it should be used with NFL Teams. In 2007 several New York state lawmakers tried to introduce a bill that would have forced out-of-state teams to remove "New York" from their names, but it died in committee and never made it to a vote.

In all reality, the Buffalo Bills are the only NFL team based in New York State, and if this lawsuit rules in favor of the fans, it will stay that way and New Jersey will gain two NFL teams.

This could also be the reason New York State residents don't want the football teams associated with the state! (READ HERE)

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