The harder you work, the more cash you might make and in New York State, a possible law change might help those pennies pile up faster.

There are reports that the current New York State can and bottle deposit fees will be going up by a nickle and that means you can soon get ten cents for cans and bottles that you return!

The five cent deposit has been active since 1983 and it may be changing soon. According to reports, "The bill — which is carried by state Sen. Rachel May and Assemblywoman Deborah Glick — would raise the deposit and handling fees, as well as expanding which containers are redeemable".

For example, there are states around the country that charge a $.10 deposit for bottles and cans that is paid back when you bring them to a recycling facility.

Currently, New York State charges a $.05 deposit on cans, bottle and some plastic water bottles as well.

Any sealed bottle, can, or jar less than one gallon composed of glass, metal, aluminum, steel, or plastic

Vermont and Maine currently hold the highest deposit amount at $.15 for wine and liquor.

Any sealed container of four liters or less composed of glass, metal or plastic

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