The Holiday season is almost here! We are inside of two months until Christmas Eve and soon,when you have friends and family over, it may get more expensive if a proposed law gets passed.

It seems that New York State is not happy unless it is raising fees or adding new ones and there is now another extension of a fee that may happen that may affect the drinks you buy.

New York State is trying to lead the way for the United States in terms of going green. Protecting the environment is something we all should be thinking about. However, it is getting more and more expensive.

There are reports that the New York State Bottle Law is going to tack on an additional fee for those who purchase drinks like pop or beer.

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These new fees may add up quick when you plan that Holiday party or New Year celebration.

Spectrum News reports that:

The current bottle law offering a deposit of 5 cents was first enacted in 1983. Supporters have touted its success as recycling rose following the measure's passage, with states more likely to reduce plastic waste that have such laws in place. Besides the addition of certain water bottle products in 2009, the Bottle Bill has remained generally unchanged since then.

While we wait to see what happens next, it may be the perfect time to stock up on the drinks you want now.

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