With gas prices at an alarming record high and inflation off the charts, everyone wants to save money or at least get the most out of your paycheck. When it comes to spending money on colleges or universities, where can parents even start?? There is good news for parents who would like their kids to stay in New York for higher education. A school in New York State has made Money.com's list of best colleges for the money.

At #64 on the list is State University of New York's Maritime College

Students who live in the New York area and dream of a career in the maritime industry will have a tough time finding a better deal than the State University of New York's Maritime College in the Bronx. One of just seven degree-granting maritime institutions in the U.S., SUNY Maritime is ultra-cheap for New York residents.

Still in the top 100 is Clarkson University

Students who like to run things should feel right at home at Clarkson, a small university serving about 4,600 students in upstate New York.

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$45 Million Mansion in New York State

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