The spring road trip season is here and it is time to have some fun! The best part about vacation is hands down, the food! If you are about to travel across New York State, there is exciting news!!

The weather may not be very springlike, but that won't keep families from hitting the road and heading to their favorite beach! Most people head to Florida or the Carolinas, while many will stay here in New York State and relax at home.

When you hit the Thruway, or the plaza around the corner, and stop for some chicken, KFC will have a new menu item that seems like a no-brainer!

KFC says they're 100-percent white meat in addition to being hand-breaded with its Original Recipe.

Enjoy the spring break trip or that vacation! Be ready for plenty of company. We recently went on a trip to Atalanta and the crowds were crazy! True, ATL airport is always busy. However, post-pandemic, it seems that there are more and more people on the road and in the air than ever before. It is bittersweet. As much as we love to get out and have fun, there may be delays and longer lines to deal with.

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