It's a fast-paced world these days, as people continue the grind and try and make as much money as possible for themselves, and for their family.

Many of us have been there. Finding another job and deciding to leave for greener pastures. Moving out of state is not easy, since you're often leaving behind friends and family members, along with the hassle of having to cancel utilities, change banks, get a new license plate and all of the other things that go along with moving from one state to another.

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However, there are states who rank incredibly bad for people leaving. While there are other states who have a ton of transplants moving in.

New York has been routinely looked at as a state where many people move out of. That is confirmed in a recent study done by United Van Lines, New York ranks third-worst for states people move out of.

Only New Jersey and Illinois have more people leave the state than New York.

The reasons behind so many people leaving the state: retirement, lifestyle changes and wanting to be closer to certain family members.

The study also says Americans are moving from bigger to smaller cities, mostly in the south and out west. There's also the factor of millennials moving to vibrant cities for their careers.

The pandemic was also a driving factor in some of the findings.

Of course, New York also has been notorious for high taxes and is the highest tax burden state in the entire country, according to WalletHub.

It's no surprise at all, based on that information, why people move out of New York. The weather certainly does not help either; as this winter has been one for the ages for those off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

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